Learn about advertising from some of the best in the business: the tobacco companies, beer manufacturers etc. Study what they do


Advertising on smoking doesn't have to be preachy.

Advertising in brief

To produce an effective advertising campaign
* Decide your overall aims, i.e. what health improvement do you want?
* Research your audience so you know what affects their health behaviour and what will change it (Look out for useful
links with popular culture)
* Ensure you know how to
   - Attract their attention (popular culture may help here)

- Keep them interested
   - Arouse a desire for change
   - Help them to act on this
* Also how to
   - Plan your evaluation
   - Pre-test the advert with your audience and make any necessary changes
   -Advertise (and back this up with any practical support the target group will need
    e.g. extra condom clinics)
   - Evaluate

(For references click here and links click here.)

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