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* Alcohol. It's No Joke campaign:  
* Angina Monologues (British Heart Foundation):
* Angina Monologues (Health at work):
* Association For Applied And Therapeutic Humour:
* BBC Radio 4 'Thinking Aloud' programme on using comedy for social purposes. In this case anti-racism. It begins halfway through the broadcast. Go to
* The Big C sitcom about someone with cancer: * Big Difference Company comedy and health specialists:
* Comedy good for health article:
* Complaints Choirs: but also see and
* East Midlands case studies for arts and culture in health:
* Humour and therapy (Scroll down to programme 5):
* Improbable Research, research that makes people laugh and then think:
* It's a Funny  Business for training in stand up:
* Kilkenomics - Kilkenny's economics and comedy festival:
* Laughology is a UK based health and comedy organisation:
* Lee Ridley, comic who lost his voice early in life due to Cerebral Palsy:
* Leicester Comedy Festival:
Victoria Maxwell's one-women show about mental illness:
* Bob Monkhouse cancer video:
* Ben Morrison, professional comedian and Crohn's patient:
* Standup for Mental Health:
* Wake Up Laughing: 

General arts and edutainment
* Arts and Health Southwest:
* Centre for Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine:
* Living Places, stronger communities through culture and sport:
* London Arts in Health Forum:
* Mail Out magazine for people interested in the arts as a community development tool:      
* National Association of Local Authority Arts Officers (in the UK):
* UK TV ratings:
* Wikipedia:
* Wrekenton Lanterns project:

* For a theoretical overview of the use of music in advertising go to 
* Jingle Brokers:   

Community radio etc
* Internet radio - start your own station:  
* Radio 1 Radio ballads on social themes including HIV: Go to  and type 'radio ballads 2006' into the BBC search engine
* Special licences for restricted service radio:  

Festivals (UK)
* The Big Green Gathering in Hertfordshire, which has an environmental theme: 
* Buddhafield festivals in Devon, include talks on personal and social change from a Buddhist perspective:
* Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham - Christianity with a social conscience:
*  Leamington Peace Festival - Event promoting peace, equality and environmental issues:
* Liverpool Working Class Music Festival - Socialist songs about social conditions and social change: 
* Raise Your Banners - Socialist songs about social conditions and social change performed in Bradford:
* Un-Convention - Songs with meaning:

Health issues CD websites
* The Colour's Coming Back CD about people with cancer:
* Manque pas d'air! CD  for children who suffer from respiratory diseases:
* Maria Logis' songs about her experience of cancer: 
* Skinny Songs CD about losing weight:
* Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, who play music on vegetables:  

Health issues in hospitals (Hand washing)
* Crouse Hospital germ song:
* Detroit Medical Center germ song:
* Indiana Wesleyan University students:
* Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center:
* Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago:
* University Hospital of South Manchester MRSA songs: and
* WHO Hand Wash Jive:

Musicals for adults
* Hot Flashes - The Musical:
* Menopause-The Musical: 
* Also see my November 2010 blog on producing an 'off the peg' musical on teenage pregnancy at

Musicians and performing rights

* The Arts Council has local branches and may be able to help:
* Equity: and
* The Musicians' Union:  can both advise on rates of pay
* Generator can help with information about a range of issues around professional music try
* Rights issues around paying to play other people's music live or in a recorded form is covered at
* Soundsense is an organisation for professional community musicians:

Older people

* Alternative lyrics for My Favourite Things to spark discussion:
* Hospices:
* Young at Heart older people's rock choir:
* The Zimmers pop band of older people:

Schools and young people
* Creative Partnerships. Using music and arts as tools to help young people develop their ability to think for themselves:
* Downloadable chart tracks etc from last few decades for schools:
* Health education songs and musicals for children:
* Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom, Inc:
* Orange RockCorps. Scheme to encourage volunteering and reward it by free gig tickets:
* Rock Hall of Fame (Lessons plans based around music):
 Nathan Timothy Foundation, addressing the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people through songwriting in schools:  
Teeth -The Musical:
* Youth Music organisation and their Feedback magazine:

Social issues

* Andrew Lansley Rap, a song about an English health minister and his policies:
* BBC radio programme in part on how music was used in the nineteenth century to educate about alcohol abuse:  
* Born This Way Foundation, set up by Lady Gaga:  
* Complaints Choirs: but also see and
* Centre for Political Song: 
* Inspiration Jukebox - Collection of music and lyrics on social and psychological issues:
* Hepatitis C advert around famous rock musicians:
* Liverpool Working Class Music Festival - Songs about social conditions and social change: 
* Music for Change, using music to promote social change and cultural diversity: 
* Music for People:
* NHS - The Musical: and
* Raise Your Banners - Songs about social conditions and social change performed in Bradford:
* Shipyard Songwriters - Songs with meaning:
* WHY (World Hunger Year), a forerunner to BandAid: 

Song books and sheet music etc
* Alternative lyrics for My Favourite Things to spark discussion:
* The Green Book of Songs: (The songs database is now also available online for a small fee.)
* Listen to whole or partial tracks at or (Individual countries also have their own sites linked to these.)
* Rise Up Singing! Songbook:  
* Singing technique: and (Thanks to the Phillips class for this last one.)
* Sheet music:
* Sing Up:

Special groups

* MiXiT world's first inclusive pop group:
* Prisoner produced music: 
* Workplace teambuilding: 

Therapy etc

* Association of Professional Music Therapists:
* Co-counselling is a network of peers who use simple but powerful therapeutic tools with each other after 40 hours of training. They often use music and dance at their workshops:
* Five Rhythms Dance:
* International Association for Dance Movement Therapy:
* Musique et Sante (Music and Health): 
* Royal Northern College of Music's Music for Health programme:
* Sidney de Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health:  

Story: Film
*American Film Institute's 100 most inspiring films of all
* BBC radio programme on the importance of story in social change i.e. politics:
* Digital storytelling is a company that gives ordinary people a voice by helping them make videos or slide shows for the
* Good Film links film makers and good causes:
*In Treatment, the HBO TV drama about
*  Participant Productions, maker of films such as Fast Food Nationand Al Gore's An Inconvenient
* The Rocket Science Group produce 'Leicester Kicks' a serial about teenage sexual health for NHS Leicester City. Find it on YouTube. Go to  
* Voxur have a package for laptops that make it easier to get people's stories down from interview straight into a format you can use on the internet. See
* Positive Psychology at the Movies:
* Philosophical

Written word

* Books on prescription:
* Get Well Friends is a website connected with the Great Ormond Street  Hospital for Children in the UK. The hospital has produced children story books about sick animals, mainly as a fund raiser: 
* Romantic Novelists Association:
*Stories and Society: Using Literature to Teach Medical Students about Public Health and Social


* Bromley by Bow Centre ESOL Health and Humour project:
* Cartoons for sale off the shelf:
* Clare in the Community strip:
* Comic Company:
* Disrepute, a site by a doctor and graphic artist:
* Graphic Medicine:
* Lifeline:
* Medikidz comics on various health conditions:
* Rates for freelance artists:
* Superheroes in the Classroom health literacy project:
* World Comics Finland, practical advice on how to produce comics to change things:
* World Comics Network, practical advice on how to produce comics to change things:

Crosswords and puzzles
* Anagram software: 
* Crossword compiling software:
* Fee rates for crossword compiling specialists:
* Psychotherapy crossword:
* Public health crossword:
Also Google 'health crossword' to get a range of free puzzles or 'free crossword maker' to get software to help you make your own. Be aware however that these vary in quality.


* Health Nuts Media video:   
* Pif:
* Medical waiting room quiz compiler software for PowerPoint:
* Readability tests:
* Royal National Institute for the Blind guidelines on written materials:


* The Communication Cooperative: then go to   and click on 'Our Portfolio' and then on Mint at the bottom of the page, which is a magazine for girls in Newcastle about contraception

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