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Computer games etc

Background information, organisations and game descriptions
* BBC Radio 4 article on South Korea's obsession with e-sport and the social problems it can cause:

* Education Arcade:
* Elearning Guild:
* Future Lab paper on using off the shelf games for educational purposes:
* Games for Health:
* Global warming games:
* Hungry planet nutrition game for children:
* Interactive Digital Out of Home Media i.e. Wii sports games on a huge out door screen on a lorry for hire: 
* Marc Prensky, computer game and learning writer: and
* Media Trust and ICT Hub documents on social uses of new media etc. e.g. Save the Children's use of Second Life to raise money with virtual Yaks: and 
* Persuasive Games:
* Second Life, virtual world website with possible potential for health education: (Under-18s and projects catering for this age group could try
* Serious Games website:
* Simulearn's site has games on leadership that maybe useful for health managers: 
* Social Impact Games website:
* Rock Health's site about IT and health innovation:
* Water Cooler website on serious games: 

Games to play now

The below list is not a recommendation of good practice but is simply links to existing sites.
* Not a game but still fun, a test to see the effects of alcohol:  
Fire safety
Five different games connected with fire safety:  
* Fatworld obesity game:
* Food force game about foreign food aid: 

* The Good Food Fight shows how to use an email game to attract people to a health site:
 * Game about the fast food industry:
 Mental health
* Earthquake in Zipland demo of game about divorce for children:
* Mah Jong Quest 2 is a free game with adverts. It is the traditional matching game. Although it may increase problem solving skills I only highlight it because it has some interesting 'meaningful' quotes after each section. It may be a fun game to play at the end of a personal, social and health education lession for a few pupils. There are two other games in the series. I don't know if they have quotes or not. For this version go to
* Reach Out! question and answer style game about mental health: 
* Department of Transport activities for primary school children:
* Brook Advisory Centres sexual health games: 
* Cigarette Killer:click here  
Specific conditions etc
* The Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, in the UK, has a related site that contains games:
* Mastermind type game for people with MS:
Wider determinants
Fatworld obesity game:
* Food force game about foreign food aid:
* Game about the fast food industry:
* Jigsaw puzzles online with health themes:
* Simhealth game about health policy for 1996 presidential election: 
* Sprout Adventure: The website about this game allows you to play a taster of it for quite a while. It can be used to introduce children to a range of topics including physical and mental aspects of health from both a lifestyle and wider determinants perspective, problem solving, cause and effect and ethical issues such as who should be prioritised those in need or those creating wealth or a better society? I doubt if these issues were in the game developers' minds when they wrote it, but it is engrossing and educational:
* Traces of Hope, British Red Cross refugee game:

* The Transaid Challenge game about health workers delivering medical supplies in the Third World:
* Yoobot vs Yoonot, British Heart Foundation nutrition and physical activity game:

Game and other Apps
The belows are not all about health, but demonstrate what can be done.
* Charity Miles, an app to exericse and raise money for charity:
* Flame graphic novel on Ethiopia and the Olympics:
* iHobo youth homelessness:
 * My Life as a Refugee:

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
* Discovery Health:
Sexual health
 InSpot STD Notification eCards:   

*  Tobacco Free California:  

 Football and sport
* Asian Football Network (in the UK):   
* Balls without Borders international play therapy project:  
* The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website is a great example of how to use football for a non-sporting purpose: 
* Cultural Olympiad (The 2012 London Olympics includes relevant cultural events before and during the games):
* Football as an example of spurious health research:
* Football Beyond Borders international social change project:
* Football Foundation community grant scheme:
* Homeless World Cup:
* House of Commons on role models: 
* Kickstart! health project aimed at fathers: 
* Laureus Sport for Good Foundation:
* Olympic ambush marketing:,%20ambush%20marketing,%20Scottish%20Widows,%20Wallace%20&%20Gromit&utm_campaign=MB4309 
* Newcastle United Foundation:
* Philosophy Football: 
* St.Pauli football club in Germany, where the fans are as concerned with the values of the club as results:
* Street League uses the power of football to get the disadvantaged into work or training, as well as dealing with health education:
* Sports for Health Equity:
* University of Ballarat report on role models:

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