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* Association of Fundraising Consultants:
* Directory of Social Change: or
* Football Foundation community grant scheme:
* Fundraising Skills (Training):
* The Wellcome Foundation funds arts projects around biomedical science issues:  

Human potential movement
* Co-counselling International:  
* Non-violent communication: and

Life satisfaction
* Action for Happiness:
* Lord Richard Layard, an influential scholar in this area, has a number of useful documents at 
* National Accounts of Well-being: 

Social marketing, communication and advertising
* Association for Healthcare Communicators and Marketing:
* Brilliant Futures offer training and consultancy around social marketing aimed at young people:
* Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing:
* Experian who provide Mosaic social market data:
* iTunes have free downloads from academic institutions including lectures on marketing. Go to (or your national equivalent) to install iTunes, then within the store section find iTune U and go to the business section
* National Center for Health Marketing:
* National Social Market Centre (UK):
* National Social Marketing Centre conference presentation on using websites:
* NHS branding guidelines:
* On Social Marketing and Social Change:

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