About me

Writer, website master, animator and computer games producer

Plus expert on the use of pop songs and stand-up for health

I’m not showing off. I actually find it amazing that since about 2007 it’s been possible for me to do so much. I would have never dreamt as a kid that these things in the future called the ‘internet’ and ‘software’ would allow me to do all this. I thought it would just be jetpacks to the shops and holidays on Pluto.

The internet has allowed me to track down and catalogue a wide variety of songs about health and wellbeing issues. I used to have a website about this but now have put everything on Spotify instead. (The details are on page 10 of my guide to pop songs and health.)

The web also helped me research into stand-up and at work put a short animated video up on YouTube about how to use PowerPoint to make animated films. As a follow up to this I have written an in-house guide to using PowerPoint to produce interactive content and simple games. (You may wonder why I’d want to use PowerPoint when other dedicated software is available. It’s because most workplaces have it, therefore any member of staff or their clients can use it too. In effect it’s free and readily available, unlike some other packages.)

I find it all the more amazing as I originally studied politics and then health education, with a little bit of co-counselling thrown in for good measure. I never expected that this would lead me to get involved with arts & health and the use of popular culture to change the world.

I can’t wait to see what unexpected opportunities come my way next. Though I would like to put on one of the mini-musicals about health I’ve ‘composed’ from existing songs. Oh, and also write another health comic, but on my own this time without a graphic artist. I’ve also got this idea about using all the existing UK war memorials that go to waste most days of the year to promote awareness around emotional trauma.

If you can help me in any of this, or if I can help you please let me know.

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